Backyard Transformation Options

Step into a world of adventure with our skilled design team, transforming your backyard into an amusement park oasis. Elevate your outdoor experience with personalized greens, multipurpose game courts, adventure courses, fossil digs, and custom playsets. Choose from themed landscapes like Caribbean Retreat, Pirates Cove, Jungle Safari, and Jurassic, tailored to your yard.

A drawing of a park with a slide and water slides.
A man holding a golf club on top of a green.

Putting Greens

Why the rising popularity of putting greens? Elevate your golf game with a personalized putting green in your backyard, and enjoy your time playing outdoors with your family. Practice your short game, a crucial component of 60% of golf. Learn more about installing your own putting green today!

Game Courts and Playsets

Enjoy your favorite sports on customizable game courts for basketball, tennis, hockey, badminton, volleyball, or shuffleboard. Illuminate your evenings with multipurpose game courts, providing hours of nighttime entertainment and intertwining with obstacle courses, climbing rocks, and outdoor climbing walls. Delight your kids with unique play spaces replicated by the Theming FX division.

A man is playing basketball on the court
A young boy standing on top of a tree.

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